Gloria in excelsis Deo
Sweet Jesus, protect the little children.
Bouasse Lebel 1089
His Powerful Hands were Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes
O. Jesus, like You I wish to be sweet and humble of heart.

Salvation has been given to us. Let us unite our songs with those of the angels.
Bouasse Lebel 1337
Salvation descends from Heaven for us; 
let us, with the Church, welcome the One who fulfills all our desires.  ~ Dom Gueranger  
                                                                                                 Bouasse Jeune 3686
I am the flower of the field and the lily of the valley.
Victorian scrap die cut figure
O Sweet Jesus
teach me simplicity and modesty
I want to love you faithfully.

Near to Jesus one finds happiness.
Hand colored Bouasse Lebel
Placed on rock cold from sin, dwelling
in a loving heart may You keep warm.
Supra petram frigidam a peccato positus in corde
amante inhabita ut calefaciam Te.
This beautiful old holy card was copyright by the artist, M. Spotl
Gloria in excelsis Deo!
All good things are come to us with Him:

"Be praised, O Jesus for so much for mercy; 
be loved for so much love. 
You are our Savior!" ~ Dom Gueranger
Bouasse Jeune 3484
He is come who his mother calls Jesus, 
that name so sweet and yet so powerful. ~ Fr. Faber
Bouasse Lebel 
He weeps for your sins. He smiles on your tears. 
Bouasse Lebel 2023

O, Divine Child, by your love and your infinte kindness, 
you ravage the angels and man.

Bouasse Lebel 2469
The God of my heart, the God that is my portion forever.
Psalm 72

O Jesus, remain prisoner in my heart, prisoner of my love.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris Pl. 2024
It is near to Jesus that we find life.
The titles of nobility of the faithful companions of Jesus
Poverty, Chastity, Obedience, Love
Bouasse-Lebel 1112
Come my Jesus, come into my heart. Let us prepare for him a bed of roses and lilies! ... 
Angels of the Lord, come help me to worship the Lord of heaven and earth.
Bouasse Lebel 916

May your soul, like a mystical bee, never abandon the dear little King and may everything within it be for Him. ~ St. Francis de Sales
Sweetest Jesus, grant me an increase of faith, hope and charity,
a contrite and humble heart.
My Father, that all, with me, may glorify thee .
Turgis 1035
My Father, that all, with me, may glorify thee.

Come to me all, my arms are open, full of mercy and blessings.
The First Gift of Jesus is Himself
It is He Himself
Here is your Saviour He brings with Him his reward, which is none other than Himself. ~Isaiah 40
Bouasse Jeune

Mighty and great, But yet so small, Humble and poor, But Lord of all.
Benziger, Einsiedeln
etching - Peint à la main; réalisé à l'abbaye de Dourgne (Abbaye Sainte Scholastique de Dourgne, communauté de moniales bénédictines, en Midi Pyrénées)
Ah Lord, abide with us.
Turgis 1026
He has come to earth for you. 
Will it be in vain? 
Bouasse Lebel 3083
Come you who love me
ant I will purify you with my love,,,
                                      And on earth, peace!